Welcome to H2O Leak Technologies cc, where we strive to meet all the equipment requirements in the leak detection, pipeline & utilities location industry.  We cater for companies and technicians working in all sectors from domestic to commercial and industrial environments.  Areas of expertise includes water leak detection, pipeline & utilities location, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and water flow/pressure measurement.

We are distributors for Fuji Tecom Inc, Japan and USRADAR, USA for the Southern African region and sell equipment that is user friendly and robust which has been tried and tested over many years.  This ensures that each individual has peace of mind when purchasing our products to meet their specific water leak detection and utilities location requirements, with greater value added through providing in depth on site training.

At H2O Leak Technologies cc, we believe that valuable drinking water should not be wasted through unseen burst water pipes as less than 1% of all water on earth is drinkable.  We believe that leak detection equipment should be made affordable and accessible to all in the plumbing and building industries to aid in our ultimate goal in reducing the amount of water wastage. 
We are confident that our leak detection, pipe and cable locating equipment will keep you satisfied by continuously obtaining accurate results in the field of leak detection and utilities location.