Completely water proof air sealed mechanism. Recording can be observed through the round window when the cover is closed. Compact, sturdy construction for portability. Durable, designed to hold up under hard use and with-stand corrosion.

  • Checking for fluctuations in water pressure as an efficient means of controlling water systems.
  • Keeping track of water pressure at night when cotrolling water leakage by decreasing pressure.
  • To prevent water leaks by controlling water pressure.
  • Making a water pressure distribution chart to find irregularities in water leakage in a system.
  • Eliminating districts of poor water service caused by low water pressure.
  • Water pressure testing after laying pipe.

Establishes workmanship reliability and integrity of an installed water pipe and produces the evidence with the chart recording the faultless work.
The prevention of water leaks from the water pipeline is one of the main concerns among the engineers engaged in the construction and supply in the water industry.
In a number of studied cases of water leaks, the branch pipeline has generally formed 90% of it and leaking at the positions jointed with the distribution valve, control valve and water meter.
Therefore, after installing and repairing those fittings, the engineers are required to confirm the fact that there is no water leak at all from the constructed pipe. In the meantime, the same fact is also required to be reported with reliable evidence in the divided working system today.
With a view to complete the above confirmation and report, Fuji portable water pressure recorder Model: FJN-501 is recommended and suggested to be used together with a test pump.