Fuji Tecom, founded over 60 years ago as a manufacturer of high quality water leak detection equipment, continues to lead the field internationally by offering technologically advanced water leak detection equipment. Since 1958, thousands of water departments and leak detection professionals world-wide have chosen Fuji leak detection equipment as their preferred brand.

The next generation LC-5000 brings a new dimension to leak detection with four pre-amplifiers which allows operators to calculate correlations to a maximum of six routes simultaneously. Features: 6 routes simultaneous correlation can be done

LNL-1 is an acoustic data logger system designed for detecting and monitoring leaks on water pipelines. Loggers, equipped with high sensitivity sensors are deployed on pipe fittings such as valves, fire hydrants. The loggers record “minim

User friendly, fast responding, portable and compact hydrogen gas leak detection instrument used for the precise localization of water leaks.  One of the rare occasions where quality and accuracy doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Equipped with digital noise reduction features that removes intermittent sounds like barking dogs and passing vehicles. The DNR-18 has an advanced digital CPU which eliminates intermittent interfering noises, like passing vehicles, people talk

This is a high performance acoustic water leak detector which is well known for its durability and robust design. It has been 10 years since the HG-10All went on sale and it has built a solid reputation due to a usefu

The LD-7 is the smallest and lightest water leak detector and yet it has a very sensitive ground sensor. With the listening rod connected to the ground sensor, the technician can listen to the sounds of water leaks transmitted to faucets, meters

The FSB-8D is a small, compact electronic sound detector for confirming water leaks. The FSB-8D is especially well-suited for water leak surveying on all types of pipes, whether plastic or metallic.  This device is great time saver and ext

After marking the leaking point on the ground, make a hole at the marked point by use of the boring bar and insert the Listening Stick into the hole to confirm the leaking point as near as possible. Fuji boring bar saves you excavation cost. &n

The Fuji listening stick is the oldest product, but yet is extremely effective at leak surveying. With our newly designed patented floating system housed in the resonant chamber, amplification of leak noises from various kinds of pipe