Fuji Pipe & Cable locators with its high performance, assists you in the field by accurately locating underground utilities such as metallic water lines, gas lines, tracer wire in plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines. This is the result of an evolution from the original FUJI TECOM Pipe & Cable Locator manufactured in 1967. The differential antenna minimizes influences of inductive fields and thus facilitates the accurate location of utilities.

The PL-2000 offers a new approach in high power, low frequency location. With 3 active frequencies, 0.5kHz, 8kHz, and 27kHz and 2 passive frequencies, 50/60Hz, as a live cable detection mode and both inductive and direct connection capabilities, th

Fuji PL-960 Pipe and Cable locator has been developed by use of the most reliable performance differential pick-up coil which has been fully testified by the facts experienced with the Fuji PL-801 since 1980. The PL-960 offers high power, high fre

The NPL-100 is a sophisticated instrument for locating non-metallic water pipelines. Once the vibrator is attached to the outlet of a fire hydrant or pipe fitting, the NPL-100 then sends a sound wave through the water in the pipe. This

The GA-1 detects magnetic fields emitted by ferrous metals. It is applied to locating manhole covers, valves, valve boxes and utility access covers.

Fuji marker locator saves you time by locating buried utilities in combination with the buried electronic marker. The marker enables simple location of buried utilities even in highly congested environments, providing exact location through audibl

The F-90M is the professional's choice for locating buried valve boxes and covers. The F-90M detects buried metallic objects such as meter boxes, valve boxes and manhole covers. Ferrous metal objects can be detected more than a foot beneath the s