We, the owners of H2O Leak Technologies, have been involved in the plumbing and leak detection industry for more than 28 years and have come to recognise the value and importance of saving water. Our goal is to provide customers with the correct leak detection services and equipment that will help them to reduce the amount of water which is being wasted through unseen burst water pipes.

We have hands on experience within the industry and know the importance of the usage and application of leak detection equipment to the technician.  We are the exclusive distributors for Fuji Tecom Inc, Japan for the Southern African region and sell equipment which is user friendly and that has been tried and tested over many years. This ensures that each individual obtains the correct knowledge and equipment to meet their specific application and leak detection requirements, with greater value added through providing in depth on site training.

We are confident that our leak detection, pipe locating and inspection equipment will keep the client satisfied by continuously obtaining accurate results in the field of leak detection, pipeline location and inspection.